About Us

CKS is a shell contractor providing concrete, block masonry and framing services to the residential, multi-family and commercial markets.  CKS was founded by Chris Schultz in 1991.  Through the years, Chris has built an organization that prides itself on its customer’s success, timeliness of schedule, quality and safety.

Today, with more than 30 concrete, block and framing crews, CKS has the resources to make your project happen on your schedule, within your budget and with outstanding quality and attention to detail.

Within CKS, it is all about Teamwork!  Our definition of Teamwork is something that is powered by service to others and driven by the realization that we all need each other to succeed.

CKS is also a place where we value those that are constantly looking for ways to improve.  So if you see something that needs some attention, bring it to our attention.  We’ll get right on it!

Our mission

All things start with the customer.  It is our duty and honor to provide superior value to our customers by building:

  • On the Customer’s schedule
  • Within the Customer’s Budget
  • With Quality Materials and Workmanship

Our Vision

To be the leading shell contractor in all of Florida by defining success by the success of our customer.  If you the customer are not successful, we are not successful.